Laboratory Name Photo Description Equipment in Lab
Structural Dynamics Lab

Simulation of various ground motion to study the performance of structures such as, • Base isolation study • Effectiveness of retrofitting • Identification of liquefaction potential of soil • Soil structure Interaction • Soil pile interaction

• Servo hydraulic universal testing machine • Shake table of 30KN capacity

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

• Major tests conducted in laboratory • Index properties of soil• • Shear strength and permeability of soil • Bearing capacity determination of soil • Soil investigation and testing • Plate Load Test • Standard Penetration Test (SPT)

• Liquid/plastic/shrinkage limit test apparatus • Direct shear test apparatus (Motorised) • Standard and modified Proctor Compaction test apparatus • Permeability test apparatus• Unconfined compression test (Proving ring type)• Swell test apparatus• Vane shear test apparatus• Standard penetration test assembly• Consolidation test apparatus• Triaxial test apparatus (Motorised)

Transportation Engineering Lab

Major tests conducted in laboratory • Impact, crushing value and abrasion tests on road aggregate and ballast for railway tracks • Determination of various properties of bitumen such as penetration, ductility, softening point etc. • Determination of California Bearing Ratio of subgrade for road and railway works • Marshal Stability Test of tar/bitumen

• Aggregate impact tester • Aggregate Crushing value apparatus • Laboratory CBR Apparatus motorised • Ductility Testing machine complete with 3 moulds • Los Angles Abbrasion Testing machine • Marshal Stability test apparatus

Testing of Materials Lab

Major tests conducted in laboratory • Tensile, compression, shear, bending, hardness, impact and torsion tests on steel & other material specimen • Compression tests of mortar cubes, concrete cubes, concrete blocks, bricks and stones • Flexure and abrasion tests on tiles •All physical tests on cement of various grades

• Universal testing machine • Compression testing machine • Flexural tile testing machine • Hardness testing machine • Torsion testing machine • Tile flexural testing machine and abrasion testing machine • Impact testing machine and abrasion testing machine • Humidity Chamber • Proving ring (Capacity 500 and 1000 kN)

Concrete Technology Lab

Major tests conducted in laboratory • Concrete mix design of various grades • Physical properties of concrete ingredients • Workability tests related to concrete such as Compaction factor test, Vee Bee test, Slump test, flow table test etc. • Nondestructive testing of RCC structures by Rebound Hammer and Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity • Detection of reinforcement, concrete cover measurement by Rebar Locator

Compaction factor test apparatus • Flow table machine • Slump cone apparatus • Vibrating table • Vee-Bee test apparatus • Ultrasonic concrete tester • Non- Destructive test hammer • Concrete mixer • Rebar Locater

Fluid Mechanics Lab.

Major tests conducted in laboratory • Study of fluid pressure and its measurement • Calibration of orifice, mouthpiece and Venturimeter calibration • Study of flow though pipes and open channels • Working of Pelton Wheel and Francis turbines and pumps. Study of Bernoulli’s theorem, Reynolds experiment. Study and measurement of discharge through Notches and weirs. Study of Impact of jets. Study of Venturiflumes etc.

• Francis turbine. • Pelton wheel turbine • Channel 0.45m wide and 80m length • Adjustable channel and accessories • R.C.C. constant head tank (12m) • Impact of jet apparatus and accessories. • Losses in pipe lines apparatus and accessories. • Notch Tank apparatus and accessories • Orifice and mouthpiece apparatus and accessories • Pumps and valves apparatus dismantling and refitting

Heavy Structures Lab

Major tests conducted in laboratory • Flexural testing of beams, slabs and deep beams • Compression tests on columns

• 100 tonne Loading Frame • Data Acquisition System • Hydraulic Jack 1000 kN

Surveying Lab

Major tests conducted in laboratory • Demonstration of Total Station applications for contouring, line out, profile leveling etc. • Permanent adjustment of surveying instruments such as Dumpy Level, Auto Level, Theodolite etc. • Use of Plane Table and other minor instruments • Demonstration of GIS software (GRAM++) Use of Global positioning system (GPS) for absolute positions, tracking and navigation applications.

• Automatic Level with Stand • Total Station • Dumpy Level • Digital Theodolite • Mirror Stereoscope • Plane table with accessories. Global positioning system meters. Geographical information system software (GRAM++).

Environmental Engineering Lab

Major tests conducted in laboratory • National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Project • Testing the quality of drinking water and domestic waste water • Testing of automobile exhaust emissions

• Digital pH Meter • Hot Plates • Spectrophotometer • Chlorine test set • Co- Hc Analyzer • Incubator (B.O.D.) • Nephelometric Turbidity meter • Electronic Digital Balance • Conductivity meter • Respirable Dust Sampler

Experimental Stress Analysis Lab

Major tests conducted in laboratory • Testing of 2D models of civil engineering works such as Dam, Retaining wall etc.

• 12” Diffused Light Research Polariscope • Stress Freezing Oven • Model Cutter • Model Polisher • Vacuum Dust Collector

Applied Mechanics Lab

Major Tests conducted in laboratory • Law of parallelogram of forces • Law of polygon of forces • Triangle law of forces • Verification of law of moments by i) Simply supported beam type ii) Overhanging beam type iii) Bell • Law of Motion (Fletcher's Trolley) • Verification of mathematical expression for centrifugal force By Centrifugal force Apparatus

• Bell Crank lever• Jib Crane apparatus• Law of Parallelogram and polygon of force apparatus• Parallel force apparatus (Simpally Supported, Overhang beam type)• Centrifugal force apparatus• Fletchers trolly

Civil Computer Lab

Major events/ assignments conducted in laboratory • The use of C ++ Programming for computational methods • Hand on Experience of civil engineering software such as STAAD –III, Build master, Rate analyses etc. • Use of software’s for competitive exams e.g. SWIFTGATE for GATE examination

• HCL Pentium Core I3 550 desktop PC’s with UPS backup• LCD projector• DELL Core 2 Duo Laptops• H.P. Laser Printer• Civil Engineering Softwares such as STAAD III, GRAM++ (GIS software), Build master, Road master, Rate analysis, MS-Project etc.• Swift GATE (GATE software)• H.P. Scanner • Internet connectivity (L.A.N., Wi-Fi)

Engineering Geology Lab

Major tests conducted in laboratory • Study of basic properties of various minerals using available specimens in laboratory • Study of Geological features such as Deep, Strike, Fault etc. • Study of Geological Maps

• Mineral Specimens • Models of Geological Features, Dip,Strike,Pitch etc • Geological Maps

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