Laboratory Name
Description Equipment in Lab
Chemistry Lab

    Analysis of water samples for Chloride, Alkalinity, Dissolved oxygen.

    Preparation of Urea formaldehyde plastic, Separation of components of organic mixture by TLC, Determination of viscosity of oil

Burette, Pipette and Conical flask, Test tube.


Porcelain dish, Test tube, Beaker, TLC plate, Iodine Chamber, Ostwald’s viscometer, Hot plate, Digital balance, Colorimeter,     PH meter, Oven.

Language Lab

The language has 30 students and one teacher consol.Lab. has ODLL premium software for developing English language skills. It also has German and French language learning software.This software develops listening speaking , readingand writing skills.Lab. is fully airconditioned. ODLL Premium edition software, HCL infinity A330 computers, Head phones and Web Camera.

Physics Lab

Crystallographic study, Unknown wavelength and resolving power by diffraction gratings, Divergence of Laser beam, Malus. Law varification, Concentration of sugar solution by half shade polarimeter, Hall –Voltage and mobility of charge carriers by Hall effect device. Crystallographic models, Hotplate, Spectrometer,    Helium –Neon Laser device, Malus Law setup, Half shade Polarimetre, Hall effect setup, Power supply dc.

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