Dr. S. S. Patil

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce our department’s academic and other activities to you. Civil Engineering department is one of the key departments of our institute. The Strength of our department is our faculty and other strength is consultancy services. We have been accreditated by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) New Delhi, second time for Five years. We are one of the top consultants in civil engineering related services in Maharashtra. By this way, we are producing Civil Engineering Skill based graduates, post-graduates and Doctoral Engineers by combining Industry interaction teaching. Consultancy services are provided in the field of various Civil engineering sub branches like Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Surveying, Concrete Technology and Environmental Engineering. Also we are doing Proof consultancy services for analysis and design of civil structures. We are the Third Party Technical Auditors for the World Bank aided Projects. We also undertake Third Party Technical Audit of GIS of Solapur city and several civil engineering works executed by PWD, SMC, Nagar Parishad etc. Based on all above we have received AICTE-CII Survey of Industry Linked Technical Institutes Award for Best Industry Linked Institute in Civil Engineering- by University-Industry Congress, consecutively for two years i.e. 2013 and 2014. This helps us to give more practical knowledge to the students, to take industry sponsored projects for students and to arrange several Industrial visits for students which are necessary to understand Civil Engineering courses. Our department is one of the oldest departments in the University and has received following AICTE grants

• Research Promotion Scheme Project (RPS) for ‘‘Development of Experimental facility for Investigation on Strength and deformation of various Structural Elements constructed from conventional and Hybrid Fiber Reinforced concrete’., 2017-18 received a grant of Rs.23.52 Lakh.

• Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence (MODROBS) for ‘Modernization of Transportation Engineering Lab in Year 2017-18 Received a grant of Rs.10.20 Lakh.

• Research Promotion Scheme Project (RPS) for ‘Prediction of Indian summer Monsoon Rainfall on homogeneous monsoon region of India based on large scale atmospheric circulation pattern and local metrological inputs using genetic programming’, 2015-16 received a grant of Rs.18.88 Lakh.

• Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence (MODROBS) for ‘Modernization of Geotechnical Lab in Year 2015-16 Received a grant of Rs.19.90 Lakh.

• Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence (MODROBS) for ‘Modernization of Concrete Technology Lab in Year 2012-13 received a grant of Rs.15.00 Lakh.

• Research Promotion Scheme Project (RPS) for ‘Seismic performance of building frames considering soil structure interaction using Shake Table’, 2012-13 received a grant of Rs.23.90 Lakh.

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