Lab Name: Project Laboratory
 Lab Floor Area (in Square Meters): 128.02
 Lab Incharge Name: Dr. Mrs. R. J. Shelke

 Lab Floor Area (in Square Meters): 85.12
 Lab Incharge Name: Mr. R. N. Chavan

 Lab Name: Digital Signal Processing/PG & PCB Lab
 Lab Floor Area (in Square Meters): 112.48
 Lab Incharge Name: Mr. P. S. Malge

 Lab Name: Analog and Digital Electronics Lab
 Lab Floor Area (in Square Meters): 111.07
 Lab Incharge Name: Mr. S. A. Utage

 Lab Name: Advanced Embedded Systems
 Lab Floor Area (in Square Meters): 112.32
 Lab Incharge Name: Mr. P. P. Tambe

 Lab Name: Embedded Systems
 Lab Floor Area (in Square Meters): 71.56
 Lab Incharge Name: Mr. P. P. Tambe

 Lab Name: Power Electronics
 Lab Floor Area (in Square Meters): 85.12
 Lab Incharge Name: Mr.S.C.Kalshetti

 Lab Name: Basic Electrical Engineering
 Lab Floor Area (in Square Meters): 78.41
 Lab Incharge Name: Mrs.V.S.Patki


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