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  • Wi-Fi enabled Hostel and campus

  • Equiped with solar water heaters

  • DG Sets power generator

  • RO plant

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           Girls Hostel
            WIT new Hostel
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           Girls Hostel Mess
            Hostel Mess
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            Solar Panel
            RO Plant



With the rise in education, and with more and more importance given to it, one finds now plenty of schools and colleges everywhere. But while schools exist in every city or township or even village, colleges are yet not sufficient in number. Colleges mostly exist in large cities or towns. Township or villages have no occasion to possess a colloege locally. Hence students have to come from far off corners to join colleges. Since distances are long, many students decide to put up in a college hostel. 

Hostel life has certain great attractions.Inspite of the freedom enjoyed by students they have to abide by the rules of the hostel. Hostel life provides a care-free atmosphere. The students stay comfortably away from the stern eyes of the parents. The usual domestic life has plenty of responsibilities and annoyances. Life in a hostel is community life.Students live together, as if it were a kind of family. In certain hostels three, four or even more students are accommodated in each room. In the same way they eat together at the dining time and go out together for entertainment, recreation or other purposes. 

Hostel life, therefore helps grow team spirit. Getting long with others is a habit which is profitably cultivated at the hostel life. A student, who has the determination, can study with full concentration at the college hostel. Since there are elders and other family members at home, several students find some of their precious time wasted there. In the college hostel, however, one can choose loneliness and can find great spots for study .  Since the student is free to do every thing unchecked, it leads to full development of the students. Since he has to manage everything himself without any aid from others during his stay in the hostel, he develops a sense of self-decision and responsibility. These prove extremely useful to him in the future life.

Hostel life has a charm of its own. You may come out the familiar surroundings of your dear ones and enter a new world of strangers, who are experiencing the same dilemmas as you. However some basic etiquettes can make the hostel life a memorable experience.

WIT has a great Hostel Facility.

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