Capability Enhancement and Development Cells

Competitive Examinations

To encourage students to appear for competitive examinations.
To provide preparatory material for students.
To conduct lectures and teach them difficult concepts of various topics of competitive examinations.

Guidance for Career Counseling

To provide guidance to improve their verbal and aptitude skills.
To assist the students in planning for educational and vocational choices.
To inspire successful endeavour towards campus placement attainment.

Soft Skills Development
To improve communication skills of students.
To inculcate thinking and problem solving skills in students.
To induce team work force in students.
To teach importance of life-long learning and information management to students.
To develop entrepreneurship skills into students.
To make students aware of ethics, moral and professionalism.
To build leadership skills in students.

Remedial Coaching
To give more help and support for the slow learners.
To pay individual attention to the low achievers in the class.
To develop interest in attending remedial classes for the students.

Language Lab
To develop listening and speaking skills of students for a variety of purposes like making presentations, conducting interviews and participating in discussions.
To enhance the non-verbal and social interaction skills of students for becoming effective oral communicators.
To improve the analytical and problem solving skills of students through biographies of great personalities and real life social issues through projects.

Bridge Courses
To identify the gap between academia and industry.
To eliminate the gap between academic education and industry requirements.
To bridge the gap through curricular and co-curricular activities.
To identify the competencies of the newly graduate engineers and the competency requirements of industry for graduates based on interaction alumni and industry professionals.

Personal Counseling
To assist students to solve their difficulties.
To help the student know himself better-his interests, abilities, aptitudes, and opportunities
To help students in academics, personal issues and overall growth.
To inspire successful endeavour toward attainment

Yoga and Meditation
To assist students to be physically and medically fit by practicing yoga and meditation.
To guide students to learn techniques of enhancing concentration, stress management etc.


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